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New Lots
The Journey to Every Subway Stop In New York City

LENGTH: 14 min.

STARRING: Jenni Marquiss, Max Jacobs

RELEASED: March 9, 2003

AWARDS/HONORS: WINNER - Pioneer Theater Short Film Slam, March 9th 2003

GIST: There are 468 subway stations in New York City. In a journey that spanned four boroughs and countless neighborhoods, Max and Jenni attempt a uniquely New York sort of task. Their mission was to, in one trip, stop at every single station. It was grueling. It was odd. It was documented.




Trailer Algorithm Explanation


  • The Computer Model used to generate the most efficient route through the system. It's just an Excel 97 spreadsheet with a VB Macro in it. It's a crude brute-force approach, kind of like SETI but not as noble.
  • The Picture Of Jenni in the South Bronx
  • Hi-Res scan of the Subway Map used in the film!
    FAQ Answer: The difference between the stations marked in orange and the stations marked in red is that the orange stations were hit before Jenni lost the orange marker on the N train in Brooklyn.
NOTES: Filmed November 10-11, 2002. Included all stations operational in any capacity that month (Excluded only stations like Cortlandt St on the 1 and Neptune Ave. on the F which were scheduled to re-open in 2004 or 2005). Released in March 2003. Trailer preceded the christmas blockbuster cups being knocked off tables. Winning Pioneer Theater screening featured trailer for The Kiss.
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