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Wong: A Short Film

LENGTH: 17 min.

STARRING: Kah-Mun Wong & Friends

RELEASED: September, 2001

GIST: What is there to say about Kah-Mun Wong? Plenty. This is a film about the many facets of a day in Kah-Mun's life. You see her joys, you see her sorrows. Her high points thrill us, her low points sadden us. In the end, aren't we all Kah-Mun Wong? As you watch the film, you will come to realize that maybe she's not so common after all.


NOTES: NOTES: Released in September, 2001. Contains trailer for cups being knocked off tables, which was pushed back a year in order to produce The Center Of Shame. M. Cox turns in a stellar performance as Ernest Borgnine.
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